Sometimes it begins there. Other times, it ends with it. But the nervous system (NS) is always a component in your movement issues. Trust me.

You’d like to become more flexible?
Be out of chronic pain?
Feel less stiff?
Enjoy life more?
Handle stress better?
Be physically healthier?
Feel fully revored from injury?
Become emotionally more resilient?
Age slower?

I could go on and on…. But I’m sure you’re grateful that I didn’t, lol.

I’m of the opinion that you can’t heal your body fully unless you do the work to reset and help heal your nervous system along the way too.
That’s like trying to do a puzzle by throwing one half in the trash and placing the rest of the pieces on the table. It will never be complete..

We are so much more than our physical selves. We are our every experience, every emotion, every trauma, every joy, literally every moment in our lifetime all condensed into the single being you are right now. We do not leave our daily story behind us as we move forward like a snail leaves a glistening trail behind him.

Instead, our daily story becomes us. Or we become it.

And our bodies tell the narrative loud and clear. If we take the time to look and listen.

Depending on the situation, the NS could be the root problem (of a singular issue) or, perhaps it started as a physical issue but became an emotional issue because of circumstances.

This is the proverbial chicken and the egg scenario. There is no way to say which came first.
It’s different for every single person in every single scenario.

But here’s one I made up for you to ponder on just so you could see what I mean….

Walking along, your mind on some heavy matter at work, you accidentally fall off of a curb and sprain your ankle. Painful, yes, but not too bad. And you have high hopes it’ll be better in a few days.

But nope. It didn’t heal the way you’d planned. DRAT. 🙁

With huge regret, you have to cancel your participation in a 5K run you’ve been prepping for with friends- which makes you feel mad, sad, and super frustrated. You ruminate on that lost opportunity for weeks. How could you be so stupid as to fall off the curb, you ask yourself? Every time you see the t-shirt your group had made up for the 5K event in your dresser you feel a lump in your throat.

While healing your ankle, you shift your weight to the opposite side to protect it as you hobble along still feeling annoyed at yourself and your stupidity. Unbeknownst to you, that small shift in weight to protect your ankle and keep you out of pain has now pulled your body off center and has integrated as a habitual pattern that you don’t see or feel.

Three months later, the ankle is completely healed and you are ready to start training for a new run. But out of nowhere, you suddenly have pain in your opposite hip. Nothing you do; massage or stretching helps. The pain just won’t go away.

You deal with it, figuring that it “came out of nowhere” and will hopefully just disappear eventually.

But it doesn’t. And a year later the pain is causing you to be constantly grumpy and less able to handle the daily stressors of life at work and home. Sitting all day at work hurts your hip, but standing doesn’t make it feel better either. The kids ask why you are so grumpy all the time with them now. Which makes you feel sad and even more overwhelmed at the pain, the situation, and yourself.

Eventually, the pain is too much. You go to a physical therapist, who notices your uneven weight distribution and goes about helping you to fix it physically. Six months later your weight distribution is more equalized. That should have fixed it.

But the pain is still there.

It’s become more than just a physical injury. It’s now been compounded by a million personal chastising’s, feelings of regret, annoyance and frustration.

This has become a brain, nervous system, and emotional issue.

Dang! All of that, just because your mind was somewhere else and you took a misstep off a curb. Sigh…

Can you reset this? You bet!

Movement is who I am.

It may be all that you think I do. But the techniques and tools I use also address the nervous system, and in doing so, allow us to affect change in larger ways to both body and mind. I want to help you feel more, heal more, do more both inside and out.

I’m literally always learning, studying, and requiring more of myself to be the best of the best. I love what I do and I love helping the people that find their way to my peaceful studio.

Is this the year you decide to do more for your yourself?
Is this your year of possibility?


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