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Tired of Adulting?

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Are you tired of adulting?

And when I say “adulting”, I’m not referring to the responsibilities of running a house, taking care of children, working, etc…. No, what I’m referring to is the unspoken agreement that adults of a certain age should simply stop having fun.

Here’s what I mean… Ever been around a person or maybe a group of people where someone starts talking about something enjoyable and another person responds with, “I’m too old for that.” Or, “My body’s not as young as it used to be.” or my least favorite, “Getting old is hard.”

AHHHHHHHHH!!!! I am SO TIRED of hearing this.

It seems constant. And the older I get, the more those around me start to say it on the regular.

Don’t, just don’t. Please.

I hear people say it about their bodies and exercise mostly, but also fun events, music, and even fashion. There are so many layers to the whole “I’m too old for that” thing.

Well, I for one am not falling down into that rabbit hole.

I’m proud of my age: 46years.

I feel young and healthy in my body and more centered in myself than I’ve ever been. My mind is active; constantly learning, and well, I love being the age that I am. I wouldn’t go back to another age for a million dollars. I’m very happy where I’m at.

Of course, time still moves forward and my chronological age will grow each year.

But my mindset will stay right where it’s at.



And always looking for the fun factor!

I believe these are the things that keep us young. Having a child-like mindset.

As children, my siblings, cousins, and I grew up playing croquet in my grandparent’s yard. In fact, the whole family would join in. And until they passed away just a few years ago, we continued the tradition. We’d spend the whole day competing, egging each other on, and generally just having a great time together.

It’s that childhood joy, laughter, and comradery that I’m speaking of right now.

Do you have enough fun and joy in your life? Honestly?

Can you think of a time in your life that brings up fond memories and makes your cells vibrate with joy? If so, why aren’t you doing it now? Can you re-incorporate it back into your life?

One of my favorite “fun” things each year is the Annual Easter Games at my mom’s. We, full-grown adults, play racing games with eggs on a spoon running around on the grass and even do an egg toss. We have more fun than the little’s, I’m pretty sure. 😉

Who says that just because I’m a grown up that I can’t jump around on a trampoline or do cartwheels on the grass? I can still do a pretty mean cartwheel! So, why not?

To heck with decorum!! I say, find that FUN FACTOR!!

I’ve written on it many times before. It’s a real sticking point with me.

Age is a MINDSET.

I find it’s frustrating how many people have “decided” that they are too old to have fun. Period.

My family and I went to a friend’s birthday at a bounce house for her 4-year-old last year. We were the “oldest” (by literal age) couple there and the only ones with older children (mine were 18,19, and 11 years at the time).

My children were gathered up in a corner not sure what to do with themselves and my husband looked cranky. It was clearly written on their faces… “How soon can we leave?” I knew the evening was about to be a bust. So, I challenged my hubby to a race through the bouncy obstacles. I showed him our start location and how it would play out. The small children were simply another obstacle that needed to be avoided.

He did not look thrilled but agreed (to placate me mostly, I think).

We raced!

And by the end of the first race, his mood had completely changed and he had a huge smile on his face. We’d gotten our heart rates up, enjoyed the challenge and a little sweat, but more importantly, we’d had fun!! And the fun portion mixed with the movement is what eventually changed his mood.

We raced over and over. He couldn’t get enough of it (and neither could I). Eventually, our kids got involved and had a jolly good time as well! What a great evening!

Not a single other adult joined us…

They watched. They judged even, maybe. But no one wanted to join in. Even when asked.

I was quite surprised by this. It was a large party. Most children had multiple parents there so they could have easily taken turns watching the children, then racing. There really wasn’t any excuse. Except… “I’m too old for that.”


In Europe, they now have a few “adult playgrounds”. Outside play areas that look kind of like kid areas, but are adult-sized. They have the right idea! People of all ages should get out, play, move their bodies, and have fun!!!

Moving your body and enjoying what you are doing is the key to remaining youthful.

We must do both.

Killing yourself at the gym doing an exercise you hate will not accomplish what you want. Find an exercise (or movement) that makes you feel happy, alive, and joyful. Keep your mindset young and look for the zing in life. Find your FUN FACTOR!

And if you can’t find it.

Make it.

I challenge you.


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