Movement is Life. Without Movement Life is Unthinkable

-Moshe Feldenkrais

What Women Are Saying:

“Oh my goodness Shanyn✨ THANK YOU!! For the safe space you held for my mind, body, and soul to merge together and heal. You exude such compassion, grace, and a deep-seated knowledge in what you do. You are a blessing to this profession. It was an honor to work with you. I look forward to working with you again.” ~Sarah Face 
“From the moment I stepped into Shanyn’s studio, I felt a huge weight lifted. Not only does the environment have a feeling of tranquility and peace, but Shanyn’s countenance is one of pure love and acceptance, which I was able to feel and experience the first time we met. I came to Shanyn to resolve anxiety over an upcoming surgery, but what I received from her was the gift of a transformed life. She was flexible in her techniques going where my mind and body needed to go. Not only did she help my anxiety but she was able to relieve a 20-year trauma that I had been holding onto in the very first session. I tell everyone I can how Shanyn has changed my life. I will be forever grateful to her and her gifts and I look forward to more healing in the future.” ~Lindsay Koelling

“I’ve been blessed to do personal work with many gifted healers. Shanyn saw the heart within my heart and gently invited it into the light of day.” ~J. Gibson, Ph.D.

“Shanyn is a bright shiny ball of light. Working with her is like coming up for air. I am so grateful a friend suggested her to me. I highly recommend her.” –Stephanie Merrow

“Shanyn is beyond lovely. Her ability to help you heal mixed with genuine love and compassion is magic. I recommend Shanyn to everyone. I am grateful to have found her and her work.” -Jessica Marsh

“Shanyn is a compassionate practitioner who knows our feminine body and energy”.  ~Susana Valencia

“Shanyn is extremely knowledgeable, attentive and continuously pursues more knowledge” –Kathy Golic, Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist

“I was at my wits end with shoulder pain. I had frozen shoulder and had been working with a chiropractor to restore movement. I couldn’t fully let go. My body was in protective mode.  Shanyn helped me focus inward on that feeling and through visualization and movement helped me to fully release. It was such a cool experience and with continued movement exercises with Shanyn and chiro work, I have full range of motion and no pain. Shanyn is now a big part of my health and fitness go to team. The online sessions that I’ve been having with her for various other ailments are so helpful. Her knowledge, education and dedication to my care are truly unique. She seems to have studied every modality and from that has created her own unique and thoughtful practice. My advice – breathe, listen to your body and make an appointment!”  -Kerry Ringer, Ellensburg

“When I walked in to Shanyn’s studio, a feeling of joy and peace met me. I felt completely comfortable and listened to.
Within one session with Shanyn she had my very hard worked body come back to much needed relaxation and alignment.
She touched my soul with her passion for helping humans move with ease and I for one have been almost flying in my body since I took her ways, to heart, body and mind. I’m doing Parkour, dance, yoga, TRX and biking and with her knowledge tucked well in my body, My practice in all areas will benefit hugely. In my very first session I learned much that I will use the rest of my life.
It was so fantastic that I cried of relief… who doesn’t love a good relief? You should do something nice for YOU. Get to know the ways of this incredible lady.
She will change your life in only good ways…” -Karina Christensen

Shanyn was incredibly effective in helping me overcome back pain caused by nursing and carrying my newborn baby. She connected with me online and corrected my nursing position by recommending a different type of support for my upper and lower back. She taught me several simple exercises and effective breathing techniques that allowed me to have better core support for picking up my son and transitioning with him from one position to the next. It was surprisingly easy to incorporate what she had taught me into my daily life. My new techniques also resulted in tightening my stretched and separated abdominal muscles, which was a very welcome bonus. I can highly recommend Shanyn to any new mom struggling with back pain or looking to improve core strength without a strenuous exercise regimen.” -Magdalena Bragun

“Shanyn was absolutely amazing!! Incredibly warm and inviting from the get go. She was an incredible listener and gave me very specific, targeted, and useful tips to improve my pain levels. The whole process was comfortable, easy, and fun. I’m really excited to try out all the different advice she gave me and I’ve already made a couple changes to how I sit and sleep and have already experienced reduced pain for my sciatica. She is very thorough and truly cares. Couldn’t recommend her enough!” –Michelle Schlaman

“I initially came to see Shanyn to get the root cause my recurring running injuries. What I got has been a completely holistic approach to healing that has already included removing emotional trauma, re-learning how to breathe (I’m a breath holder), reversing my bunion that I’ve had forever and strengthening my toes, feet and ankles. And we’re only on session 3. Thank you Shanyn!” –Jenn Maples, Nutritionist and Blogger

“Shanyn’s one on one sessions are amazing. In a single session Shanyn was able to pinpoint several areas where my body had compensated in a certain way that was not optimal for my gait or for my joints. She was able to give me exercises to do that made immediate improvement and since I can do these exercises at home, hopefully, will help attain a permanent fix. If I didn’t know how hard she has worked and trained to do what she does, I’d swear she was a magician.” –Toddie Downs, Snoqualmie

“It has been almost 2 years since I have injured my lower back. And by injured, I mean that I have no idea what I did to become injured. I woke up one morning feeling perfectly fine and later that evening I could barely walk because the pain was so bad. I was couch-ridden for three days. It was awful. I then did what any normal person would do, I called my doctor and they referred me to a Physical  Therapist, who I saw one to two times a week for over a year. And although I noticed improvement, I was still in quite a bit of pain. I couldn’t sit for any longer than 1-2 hours at a time at work without being in pain. I was diagnosed with mild degenerative disc disease and sacroiliac joint dysfunction.
About a year after my injury I was introduced to Shanyn by a mutual a friend.
For the last 12 weeks I have worked with Shanyn one-on-one, once a week, every other week. And during these 12 weeks I have seen such an improvement with my lower back, and just my overall physicality. I’m able to sit at work for hours at a time. I travelled to the east coast for work recently and I was so worried about how my back would do during the long flights, and it didn’t bother me one bit! I was shocked!
Shanyn has given me the tools I need to keep my lower back out of pain. Each time that we meet we keep building upon the regiments that she has put together specifically for me and my body’s needs. She knows that no one body is exactly the same, and therefore she takes the time to learn how your body moves and what it’s going to need to thrive. She has taught me to hold myself accountable and how important it is to take care of your body. After each session with her, she emails me a recap of what we went over and what I should be working on at home until our next visit. She even records me doing the movements/exercises, just in case I forget the moves, and then I have something to refer too.
I can go on and on about how wonderful Shanyn is! I’m so grateful for her and her dedication to me and those that are like me. I was living a life in pain until I met her. I’m finally to a place in my life where that pain isn’t controlling my everyday life!”-Trishia Porter, Snoqualmie

“Our daughter is really benefitting from Shanyn’s remarkable coaching. After 15 years of walking on her toes, she finally feels pressure over all of her foot instead of just her toes and balls of her feet. I think it is safe to say, thanks to Shanyn, our daughter won’t need to have her Achilles tendon surgery because Shanyn has fixed the problem. Woo Hoo!”                                – Jennifer Mactutis, Maple Valley

“Just do this. Honestly, I was skeptical. Shanyn is a wonderful soul… but I had no idea what she was offering or if, frankly, it was worth it… But both time and money, she is. Shanyn is simply amazing. With 50-year-old me, with my 13-year-old budding ballerina, and with my 24-year-old daughter who has had full spinal fusion. We all LOVE her. We are all amazed at what she taught us and how we use it daily. And honestly… She should be paid more. She is amazing… Did I already say that?” -Jackie Siochi, Sammamish

“I have a neurological condition that among other things, causes balance to decline with age. In my mid-20s I began having trouble walking in the dark and I had to hold onto the bed or wall if I got up in the night. Since working with Shanyn on strengthening my feet and improving my proprioception, now in my 40s, I have no trouble with balance at night. It’s almost like all the tiny muscles of my feet are “seeing” for me in the dark. It’s an amazing improvement that I never expected!”  -Nic Rosetti, North Bend

“Shanyn has helped me through multiple issues. I get tendonitis (Achilles, patellar, plantar fasciitis) and have had PT multiple times. But, whenever I get a flare-up, the only thing that gets me through are the techniques Shanyn has taught me. I will add that PT has helped as well, but what Shanyn has done is to personalize exercises/stretches to me and my life. She treats you, not just your issue. She has kept me moving and I now have the tools to literally keep going and moving when otherwise I would just stop. Love her!” –Adrienne Martin, Sonographer

“Shanyn’s ball rolling and walking classes are amazing! I haven’t felt this good in years. So good, in fact, that I am back to circuit training and walking/jogging regularly. I love the fact that I can take care of most aches and pains with the rolling techniques and stretches Shanyn shared with me. I hardly ever use Advil or Motrin anymore, which is so much better for my body, and I have saved a bunch of money on chiropractic visits.  My whole family has benefited from what I learned in Shanyn’s classes. My boys regularly roll their feet after sports, and my husband completely relieved lower back pain that had plagued him on and off for a couple of years. He couldn’t believe that something so simple could help so much. I had to get him his own set of therapy balls because he kept taking mine!”     -Jenifer Rein, Snoqualmie

“Strong toes? Strong feet? I never knew this was a thing! I started attending Shanyn’s Barre class almost one year ago about 1-2 times a week. I LOVE the full body workout and spending time with incredible Shanyn and the amazing women she attracts to her classes. One day I was on a long hike in the middle of nowhere when I slipped and rolled my ankle. Before Shanyn’s magic, I would have been seriously injured. But not this time! Shanyn is my investment in pain-free longevity, personal/physical power and an incredibly rewarding life. I plan on adventuring in the mountains, keeping up with my grandchildren and delivering messages of hope for many years to come”. -Angela Barrus, Hypnotherapist & Life Coach -North Bend

There were a few moments in my first class where I thought, “She must be joking- this is so hard!” But I left class feeling rejuvenated as though I’d had a glass of water in the desert and have been back to class several times since. Shanyn’s expertise and attention to the success of her clients is why I highly recommend her services.” -Serena Robertson, North Bend

“Shanyn was personable, knowledgeable and was able to break down the information in a step-by-step formula that was really simple to follow. Not only did my body feel transformed after the 2-hour class, I felt a new sense of purpose when it comes to my personal health. I highly recommend taking a class from Shanyn if you want to take your health and wellness to the next level. “ – Emily Lewis”

I’ve been using foam rolling, ball rolling, and all sorts of myofascial release techniques for years, but Shanyn’s approach to rolling and bodywork has changed the way I look at these techniques.  Her understanding of the nervous system and how to approach rolling your tissues so as not to engage the sympathetic nervous system is wonderful.  I’ve always sought the right balance with rolling/massage/bodywork, looking for just the right amount of pressure, frequency, etc.  After just one class with her, I feel that I’ve found that right balance and approach – like a little missing puzzle piece. “– Carolyn Anderson, Certified Personal Trainer

Shanyn really tackles the fears, hurdles, and negative mindset around self-image that hold one back in her one-on-one sessions. She focuses on areas and techniques that will help you thrive at whatever level you are currently at. She taught me how to support my muscles and nervous system and adapt exercises to my comfort zone to prevent injury. She listens and is so fun to work with, as she is a true mentor and advocate for your health. She taught me how to incorporate strengthening throughout my day as a lifestyle with a young toddler at home instead of feeling I needed a separate, long, alone time to make any headway on my personal goals. She helped me realize I needed to strengthen my glutes specifically to help me as I carry and lift my daughter. Thank you Shanyn for all your help and support and making me feel loved and accepted. I would highly recommend Shanyn’s classes and one-on-one sessions! Lindsey Larson, North Bend


“I was a fitness instructor for years and quit because I just didn’t agree with the “gym trends”. I’m so glad Shanyn thinks differently than anything you get at the gym. I come from a family of personal trainers but I’ve never been more impressed with a personal trainer and group instructor!!! She helps you take care of ALL ASPECTS of your health and well being.” -Diana Arny, North Bend

“Shanyn’s holistic, healthy, and realistic approach to fitness is like nothing else I’ve experienced. She is thoughtful, knowledgeable and most importantly, fun! Not only is Shanyn an amazing person but she is also a dynamo. Don’t let her small size fool you, she is a powerhouse and will work you like no other. I promise, whatever it is in life you are seeking Shanyn can help get you there.” – Winnie S., Snoqualmie

“I have taken Shanyn’s rolling workshop and her walking workshop. The balls are amazingly effective for releasing muscle tension, and I learned more about how the body moves in walking than I thought possible. As a bonus, Shanyn’s enthusiasm for what she does is contagious, making every class a lot of fun!” -Julie G, Maple Valley

“Shanyn changed my relationship with fitness! I went from viewing exercise as something that should hurt to seeing it as something fun that I looked forward to! Her positive and seemingly limitless energy rubs off on all those fortunate enough to have her as an instructor!” -Katrina, 38yrs

“I am a 56-year young woman who is focused on being able to do physical activities, like ski, hike and whatever else I want to do until my last breath.  What I love about Shanyn and her vast knowledge and methods, is that she focuses on the whole body and its interconnectedness – skeletal, muscular, fascia; and enabling functional and pain-free movement into my very old age. What I love the most about Shanyn is her positive and wonderful energy that I want to be around as much as possible. I highly recommend Shanyn and her studio to all!” -Silvia Peterson, Issaquah

“Shanyn is one of the most positive, supportive and uplifting trainer and people, I have ever met.  She has the gift to bring out the best in everyone.  I feel so fortunate to have this inspiring woman in my life.” -Ashlie, Snoqualmie

“Shanyn taught me amazing breathing tips via her monthly newsletters. I tried her breathing tips, focused on my core muscles during a class….and ohmygoodnessgracious! They added a whole other dynamic I was not even aware existed… They made a few aspects of the workout more challenging….but it was a good challenge! Shanyn is a wealth of knowledge and resources. She truly cares about people…not just their health, but their overall well being!” -Tiffany, Fitness Instructor

“Shanyn is an amazing instructor. She has a passion for fitness and it is contagious.  She truly cares about all of her students and is a great motivator.  Every week I looked forward to her class!”  –Elaine, 57yrs- Snoqualmie

“I just love taking classes with Shanyn, her energy and strength are amazing.  She is such a great person and really takes the time to get to know you when you take classes with her.  Plus the classes are always super fun. I would highly recommend taking classes with her.”  -Ellen, 43yrs -Snoqualmie

“I first met Shanyn when I was looking for an alternative to being able to play tennis and that was looking for an energetic Zumba instructor. Well, I found her. Not only is she a great instructor and advisor she is also is a great all around extremely motivated and caring individual.” -M.Haberlach, Age 60, Issaquah

“A few years ago I was searching for a fitness routine that I could stick to because I wanted to become healthier.  I met Shanyn and immediately felt encouraged and inspired. Her smile and positive energy are palpable and I quickly started looking forward to her classes.  I didn’t know it then but her classes were the catalyst to many positive changes I made on the road to becoming the fit, healthy and happy person I am today.”  -Carolina, 40yrs- Kirkland, WA.

“Shanyn’s passion for fitness and dance reflects in her classes. Her classes are fun and geared towards everyone. Shanyn’s class definitely impacted my body and has made it stronger. Thank you Shanyn for being so positive, energetic and for knowing your stuff to help others with their fitness challenges!” Sala, Bellevue

“I have learned so much from Shanyn! I love her barre classes and her enthusiasm. She is a great teacher!”– Madhvi 29yrs – The Netherlands

“Shanyn is a fantastic fitness instructor! Her classes are filled with creative and challenging exercises that make you feel like you are strengthening and changing your body. We will miss her terribly at the YMCA.”- Victoria, 44yrs – Sammamish

“I first met Shanyn at a Zumba class that she was teaching over 4 years ago. It was my first Zumba class ever she quickly became one of my favorite people. I was immediately drawn to her talent as a dancer, her happy energy, dynamic personality and genuine love for all people. Shanyn mentored me and I’ve learned so much from her. She is an amazing teacher, mentor, and healer, so willing to share her wisdom with others. She has so much knowledge and experience that greatly impact the world around her. I have also had the great privilege of taking one of her rolling ball workshops. I left that class with the tools and confidence to help relieve pain and tension, on my own. I can’t wait to take another class from her and glean from her some of the amazing things she has learned over the years. Thanks Shanyn for loving and serving the community around you in such a significant way.” -Caitlin Hancock, Fitness instructor, LMP

“I have taken three different types of classes taught by Shanyn. All three formats were different (Zumba, Barre, and her Roll into Relaxation workshop), and she always greets you with her upbeat, friendly personality that makes you feel like you belong there. Her instructions are easy to follow, and I love how she explains why a specific movement is done to work on a target muscle. Her classes are well organized and have a natural flow, which pushes you through a great workout, but you have fun doing it.”- Yuki, 41yrs, Snoqualmie

“Shanyn, after my rolling therapy class with you a month ago I “miraculously” had movement about my neck & shoulders I thought I’d lost forever. Seriously, I can quickly look left & right, and up & down without pain or hesitation. Also, I can pull a sports bra off over my head–again movement I haven’t had in months. You enlightened my world, girl!”  -Susan Winn Kelly

“Shanyn’s Roll into relaxation workshop was such a great addition to my toolbox as a trainer. I learned many techniques t0 help my clients and myself! It was so carefully and thoughtfully taught that I left with the knowledge I needed to start the very next day. Shanyn’s approach made me, and others feel comfortable asking questions and she took the time to go over each and every one! This is one workshop that I was glad I took the time to attend, I use many of the techniques every single day!” Clairissa Martinez, Fitness Trainer

 “This was such a great class and I am filled with gratitude that I was able to attend. Shanyn was so knowledgeable and continued to teach and inspire through the whole 3-hour workshop. I learned so much and have since shared what I learned with many of my friends!” Carol T.,  NTP

“Shanyn is one of the most knowledgeable, passionate, and thoughtful instructors I know. I had the pleasure of attending her “Roll into Relaxation Workshop”. What I learned and experienced that day continues to benefit me in all I do. Her approach and teaching considers all bodies, making all her classes feel accessible.” -Trina Curry, Yoga & Barre Instructor

“Thank you for introducing me to the Yoga Tune-up Balls! They are like magic balls! I thought I could never do the things I enjoy the most again like hiking and dancing, but you brought me back to life again. Now, I have a lot of energy!” -Sandra L.