The Body Is Solid Material Wrapped Around Breath

-Ida Rolf

Hi, I’m Shanyn! A holistic movement specialist and mindfulness coach.

What started as a fascination with dance and movement, personal self-development, and holistic wellness in my teens, transformed into a life-long passion for acquiring knowledge and helping  empower women to become aware of the personal relationships they have with their brain, body, nervous system, and movement.

I spent years as a child with fear and anxiety, a teen that hated her body and self, and a young adult living with chronic pain.

This set me on an early path to heal myself and pull the pieces of my own puzzle together. I’m an eclectic gatherer of holistic body/brain knowledge and am constantly pursuing new techniques to make life and movement better. I fervently believe that when you feel better in your body, life is more fun and enjoyable!!

Turning 50 in 2021, I’ve never felt stronger, more youthful, or more at ease in my pain-free body. I live in a body I LOVE!

It’s been a lifetime of learning and I enjoy nothing better than to share my exuberance and passion for the way the brain, mind, nervous system, and body must all come together to create true healing.

I am a unicorn in my industry and don’t fully belong in any one group. Consider me a bridge between the worlds of holistic movement and healing, wellness, mindfulness, and fitness.

Utilizing the concepts of breath, somatic movement, tapping, meditation, visualization, and Qigong- I help women de-stress and restore their innate healing potential to release chronic pain and love the body they live in.

Bridging those techniques with my fitness, posture, and exercise specialist background helps me teach body awareness and strength to women of all ages. I especially love helping post-natal moms find their reflexive core and heal diastasis recti issues in a holistic manner.

I am super passionate about what I do and how I can help you!

But… I am not for everyone.

If you believe you are broken forever and have the mindset that you are utterly unfixable, I am not for you.

If you are looking for someone else to fix you and don’t want to put in any effort, then we are not a good match.


You believe (or are open to the possibility) that the ability for healing resides deep in your own body and you just need help and tools to access it, I’m ready to help!

If you are ready to move freer, feel stronger and younger than before, and are looking to be taught sustainable habits to create lasting change, I’m here for you!

If you are ready to do the homework to make changes stick, then you and I are a great match!!

I’m ready and excited! Let’s begin!

Her knowledge, education, and dedication to my care are truly unique. She seems to have studied every modality and from that has created her own unique and thoughtful practice. My advice – breathe, listen to your body, and make an appointment!”

Kerry Ringer

Certified, Licensed, or knowledgable in:

ACE Group fitness ~ AFFA Certified Personal Trainer ~ Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist (Sarah Duvall P.T.) ~ Mobility Specialist (Functional Anatomy) ~ Anatomy in Motion (AIM) ~ Postural Alignment and Mobility Specialist (E.E) ~ Barefoot Training Specialist (EBFA) ~ Movement Analysis (3D Maps, Gray Institute) ~ Pelvic Floor and Core (Burrell Ed) ~ Hypopressives (LPF, Tamara Rial) ~ Breathe Better Immersion (Burrell Ed) ~ Spring Forest Qigong Advanced Healing Level 3~ Certified Qigong Practice Group Leader ~ Pain Science Course (Quantum Leap) ~ TRX Training (TRX) ~ Barre (A.T.B. & B.B.) ~ VCore Workout Balance Training (EBFA) ~ Roll Model Method (YTU Fitness- Jill Miller) ~ Science of Rolling (YTU Fitness- Jill Miller) ~ Kinesiological Stretching Technique (EFTC) ~ Zumba ~ Zumba Toning ~ Zumba Gold ~ Aqua Zumba ~ Zumba Sentao ~ NIA ~ Tapping ~ CPR ~ Robbins-Madanes Strategic Intervention (in process)