Hi, I’m Shanyn!

A holistic movement and mindset coach, presenter, fit pro, and studio owner.

I’m also a “card-carrying” anatomy, postural alignment, mobility, flexibility, fascia, natural-movement “body geek”. I just can’t get enough of it!

So, I channel this energy into helping women like you make powerful, long-lasting transformations to feel strong, healthy, and mobile.

I don’t believe in the myth that everyone eventually grows old and their body falls apart. I’m here to tell you that your body can feel great no matter your age.

Here is what you need to know about me.

I’m not your typical personal trainer or coach.

I am a coach that specializes in both movement and mind/body wellness.

While you will lift weights with me and get strong, there’s more to it than that.

We’ll take apart your daily movement habits; the way you walk, sit, travel. Your sleep positions, how you pick up your child, groceries, and weights. Your work, hobbies, and any instruments you may play. We’ll refine these patterns to make life feel more pleasant and a whole lot easier in your body.

You’ll learn to become aware of your movements and tune-in to your body to hear what it’s telling you.

I’ll share with you how your feet could be inhibiting your range of motion, and we’ll work on fixing it.

Why your nervous system is the gatekeeper to your body, and how to work with it to heal yourself.

I’ll re-train you to use your core better and allow it to become more reflexive in order to support you and help you find your center of balance. I’m well trained to help women with pelvic floor and Diastasis Recti issues, so know your body is safe with me.

We’ll create strength and put the power where you need it most, so you can climb stairs and mountains faster, carry a child, or work in the garden with ease.

You’ll get to explore breath-work, and release tension in your fascia through therapy ball rolling.

And you’ll come to understand why flexibility is as important as mobility in the aging process, and how to stay “forever young” in your joints through simple movements you work on through your day.

I genuinely care about your well being and will make every effort to guide you into new habits to become strong and supple.

I want you to feel like your body is growing younger, rather than the other way around. And it’s possible!

However, I only take a limited amount of private clients, so let’s chat and see if we’re a good fit.



Certified, licensed and/or trained in:

ACE Group Fitness ~ AFFA Certified Personal Trainer ~ FRC Mobility Specialist (Functional Anatomy) ~ Anatomy in Motion (AIM) ~ Postural Alignment and Mobility Specialist (E.E.) ~ Barefoot Training Specialist (EBFA) ~ Movement Analysis (3D maps, Gray Institute) ~  Pelvic Floor and Core (Burell Ed) ~ Hypopressives (LPF, Tamara Rial) ~ Breathe Better Immersion (Burrell Ed) ~ Chronic Pain/Pain Science (Quantum Leap) ~ TRX Suspension Training (TRX) ~ Barre (A.T.B. & B.B.) ~ VCore Workout Balance Training (EBFA) ~ Roll Model Method (YTU Fitness) Science of Rolling, Ball Sequencing and Innovation (YTU Fitness) ~ Kinesiological Stretching Technique (EFTC) ~ Resistance Stretching ~ Strength Training ~ Postpartum Core Recovery ~ Zumba ~ Zumba Toning ~ Zumba Gold ~ Zumba Kids ~ Aqua Zumba ~ Zumba Sentao ~ Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) ~ NIA ~ CPR/First Aid ~ Breath Work ~ Spring Forest Qigong level 1 ~ Super Brain (Jim Kwik) ~Rebounding ~ Dance ~ Choreography ~ RobbinsMadanes Strategic Intervention