The Body Is Solid Material Wrapped Around Breath

-Ida Rolf

Looking back at my life, I clearly see that empowering women to free themselves from chronic pain and stress is what I was born to do. What started as a fascination with self-help books and movement in my teens has transformed into a life-long passion for healing myself and others through mind, body, and movement.

I too, struggled with chronic pain and anxiety for much of my life. I grew up in a dysfunctional family leaving me anxious and chronically stressed.  At age 21, I was hit by a car ending my dance career and leaving me with constant knee pain for many years. At 35, I struggled with diastasis recti after my second pregnancy and didn’t know where to turn for help. While teaching 12-classes a week early on in my fitness career I ended up having debilitating foot pain that made every step horrible (The docs only offered me orthotics). And 4 years ago, I slipped on water at a restaurant causing brain, hip, and shoulder trauma leaving me with long term issues.

But I believe that each of these experiences was a gift in the disguise of pain. Every doctor visit left me frustrated and looking for more than just a band-aid fix. I learned to became a researcher for my own self. And for every new incident, I explored, read, took a bajillion courses, and began creating my own methods. I saw how transformational these techniques were for myself and was thrilled to see the same results for my clients.

It’s been a lifetime of learning and with that I’ve joyfully become a life-long learner. I enjoy nothing better than to share my exuberance and passion for the way the brain, mind, nervous system, and body all work together for healing.

I am a unicorn. I don’t fully belong in any one camp. Consider me a bridge between the worlds of dance and fitness, the concepts of breath, somatic movement, and the powers of EFT and mindfulness. In my world, in my mind, I see how it all easily flows together and how we need access to all of it to create a unique healing experience from the inside out.

But… I am not for everyone.

If you wish to hold onto your pain because it offers you some sort of comfort in your day-to-day and in the reaction of those around you, then I’m not for you.

If you are looking for a quick band-aid fix where you won’t have to do much work, we are not a good match.

If you believe you are broken forever and unfixable, I am not for you…

If however… you believe (or are open to the possibility) that the ability for healing resides deep in your own body and you just need help to access it, I’m ready to help!

If you are ready to be free of pain and looking to be taught sustainable habits that create life-lasting change, I’m here for you!

If you are ready to do bits of homework to make the changes stick, then you and I are a great match!!

I’m ready and excited! Let’s begin!


Shanyn has changed my world for the better. Not only is my pain gone, I now have the skills to keep me moving pain-free for good. I'm so grateful!

Susanne Grant

Certified, Licensed, or knowledgable in:

ACE Group fitness ~ AFFA Certified Personal Trainer ~ FRC Mobility Specialist (Functional Anatomy) ~ Anatomy in Motion (AIM) ~ Postural Alignment and Mobility Specialist (E.E) ~ Barefoot Training Specialist (EBFA) ~ Movement Analysis (3D Maps, Gray Institute) ~ Pelvic Floor and Core (Burrell Ed) ~ Hypopressives (LPF, Tamara Rial) ~ Breathe Better Immersion (Burrell Ed) ~ Chronic Pain Science Course (Quantum Leap) ~ TRX Training (TRX) ~ Barre (A.T.B. & B.B.) ~ VCore Workout Balance Training (EBFA) ~ Roll Model Method (YTU Fitness- Jill Miller) ~ Science of Rolling (YTU Fitness- Jill Miller) ~ Kinesiological Stretching Technique (EFTC) ~ Zumba ~ Zumba Toning ~ Zumba Gold ~ Aqua Zumba ~ Zumba Sentao ~ NIA ~ Spring Forest Qigong level2 ~ Tapping (EFT) ~ CPR ~ Robbins-Madanes Strategic Intervention (in process)