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Today I’m going to answer a question I’ve been asked several times. Which is….

“How do you keep your workout clothes from smelling bad?”

This question has easy answers. Here’s the thing. If you are new to working out or if you haven’t sweated a lot over the past few months you will have a build-up of toxins. And when you sweat, it comes out as salty and oily. That’s a little tougher to get out in the wash. But take heart… This will change soon. As you begin to sweat more, you will notice a big change and your sweat will start to change to a more watery, clean sweat. Bonus: You will smell less! Truly! Especially if you are eating a clean healthy diet.

{This is probably way too much info for you, but I can tell when something is off in my body by the way I smell. Try to pay attention to your own scent}
Ahem… Moving forward.

So, once we have a clean sweat going how do we keep bacteria from making our clothes reek so bad you want to throw them in the garbage not the wash?

This is easy part.

Hang them up.

Seriously. The only time my clothes get thrown into a bag is the short walking distance from the gym to my car. And even then I hate to do it.

As soon as I get to my vehicle. I pull out those poor little babies and hang them up over the back of the seats. Then, when I get home, I hang them up again for a full day. The next day, I put them into my workout laundry pile (which I keep separate from my other laundry). I wash them on cold with soap, white vinegar and a few drops of doTerra Purify cleansing blend oil. That’s it. They come out smelling sweetly clean and ready to take on my next workout.

Side note- and probably a little too much sharing… But I’m putting it out there anyway.

I used to wear my sweaty workout gear straight out of the gym and hang them when I got home. Hey, we fitness instructors are used to being sweaty and we are often running from one class to the next. It never seemed like a big deal. However, years of that eventually brought a rash to my nether regions that never seemed to go away.

Sorry, again TMI. But I pass this along, because it really is useful information. After chatting with my doc, she told me it’s quite common with people who work out a ton (probably because we all wear our workout clothes out of the gym to run our errands, lol), and she had just seen a yoga instructor the week before with the same thing. Her recommendation? Wash nether regions with a bit of dandruff shampoo for a few days.

Could it be that easy, I thought? Well- it was! Yippee! Rash was gone. And so was my habit of wearing my sweaty workout wear straight out of the gym. Lesson learned. 😉


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