Once upon a time 3 years ago, I opened my little studio planning to be a “better kind of movement trainer” One with more knowledge. One that could share new thoughts and help people understand and learn to move their body better. It was so exciting!!

But something was missing… Something I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

I have never understood the separation between the body and the brain. Even more so, how could we ignore the nervous system when it comes to talking about the body. The nervous system, in my opinion, is the great gatekeeper of movement and mobility.

Thus far, I have not found a word in any language that means body and brain together. They are always considered separate units.
(If you know of one, please share it with me!)

This thought was on my mind when I opened the studio. My background was dance and fitness, but self-development tools focusing on the brain and nervous system were important to my own evolution and I knew how much they could help others. I have always been fascinated by the brain and its effect on the body.

And I soon found that the Universe had plans for me around this. Out of the woodwork, I suddenly kept coming across new books and techniques, which led me to other methods, modalities, and instructors that I’d never heard of. I attended trainings that blew my mind and acquired certifications that cemented my learning. My studying expanded into 4 hours a day or more. I couldn’t get enough information to satisfy the cravings.

And eventually, I had all of this wonderful new knowledge but how to share it, I wondered?

I utilized it with clients and had good results, but there was still a missing element I couldn’t put my finger on. I needed to form some sort of cohesiveness out of the chaos.

In the larger picture. I knew I wanted to help women get out of pain, age slower, enjoy life more, and move better, but wasn’t sure which direction to take. So I let it simmer quietly on the back burner.

Until a year ago when a special client came in.

This lovely woman clearly needed more than just an awesome workout that day. My intuition was buzzing; This is the moment, it said.

As she was also a friend, I felt relaxed enough to say, let’s do this differently today. She gave me her full trust and we embarked on a session that changed the trajectory of my business and all of my future 1:1 sessions. It was a powerful light bulb moment, and my journey began.

It’s now culminated into something special these past 5 months and I’m proud to announce the birth of NeuroSomatic Movement.

It puts the body, brain, and nervous system all back together where they belong.

My belief is that the body knows at a cellular level what it needs to heal. We just need to get ourselves out of the way to allow it to do so. The stress, tension, and exhaustion of our day to day shuts us down. We store these stressors in our mind, our body and our nervous system.

When we begin to remove these, we allow energy and healing to flow again. Breath comes easier, circulation is better, immune systems become vibrant again, and pain begins to disappear. Clients notice a sense of inner peace and calm by sessions end, and radiant wellness feels possible.

For me, it is incredibly exciting to be able to be the bridge between holistic movement, fitness, self-development, and wellness. It means that I’m able to be versatile with my clients and help them achieve far more than what they think they are coming in for.

Here’s to 2020 and all of the new possibilities to grow!


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