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Homemade Cranberry Chutney

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Today I’m sharing with you one of my family’s favorite Holiday food traditions. This is the one thing that must always be on our Thanksgiving table (okay, this and pumpkin pie). Kids and hubby come running when they smell this bubbling on the stove each year. I even texted a photo of it to my daughter away at college last night as I was making it.

Once you try this, you will probably never be able to go back to canned cranberry sauce. This freezes great, so you can make extra and store it for later use. It’s extremely easy & fast to make and tastes amazing cold or warm. Enjoy!

cranberrychutneyTotal prep and cook time: about 20-30 minutes.

Makes enough for several smaller dinners or one large (26 people approx) meal


1 cup of apple juice

1 cup of orange juice

1 cup of raisins

Approx. 23 oz. of fresh cranberries

Depending on the packaging of your cranberries, it could be two or three containers. But they’ll have the ounces listed on it to make your life easier. Try to find bright red cranberries if at all possible. Pink or lighter berries are under ripe and you will need to add far more sweetener to cover their astringent, bitter flavor.

2 large apples (I like to use the Pink Lady variety), cored and chopped (I leave the skins on, but you could remove if you like)

1 TBSP fresh grated ginger

2 tsp. Cinnamon

1 tsp. Cardamom

3 TBSP Mirin (rice wine)

2 TBSP Honey (add more if you prefer a sweeter taste)


Bring the juices to a bowl in a large pot pot. Add in your raisins and allow to soak for a minute or two. Turn burner down, but keep a gentle simmer going. Pour in your washed cranberries and chopped apples. Allow these to gently cook stirring every  few minutes. Cranberries will start to pop. This will take about 10 minutes. Then add in spices, Mirin and honey. Mix and cook on low until all the cranberries have popped and everything looks smooshy and yummy.

Pour into a bowl if serving right away or store in the fridge for a later date.

This will last in the fridge for about 4 days, or like I said above, it freezes great too. I prefer to eat mine warm if possible, but it also tastes great cold.





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