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Golden Beet Salad with Blue Cheese

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I created this recipe by accident last week as I was looking around in my fridge deciding what to make for dinner. I pulled out my golden beets and thought, “those look terrific”, but I wanted something super creamy to go with it. Luckily I had a triangle of blue cheese as well.

My husband’s first reaction was dubious (oh yee, of little faith).

To convince him, I made a tiny mixture in a bowl and made him take a bite. He loved it, and a new family favorite was born. The kids liked it too! Okay, the nine- year old was more skeptical, but that is normal for him and food.

If you are a lover of cilantro like I am, feel free to add liberally to the top (I could roll around in a big patch of it all day long and be in heaven. My husband on the hand, would run screaming in the opposite direction). My family is divided 2 to 3 on cilantro, (which means I lose), so my oldest and I add it to our own plates, and not into the meal.

Be sure to make more than you need for dinner. This makes an excellent addition to lunch the next day. Warm for dinner- cold for lunch. Yum!!


Golden Beets
Triangle of blue cheese
Cilantro (if you know what is delicious)
Salt and pepper to taste.


Wash beets and cut into quarters if large.
Steam them until soft, but not too smooshy.
Or you could bake them if you don’t have a vegetable steamer.
I peeled the skins off after they were cooked, but you could also do it prior to cooking.
Chop into bite-size pieces.
Add whole triangle of blue cheese and gently combine until it cover all of the beets.
Add salt and pepper to taste.
Add chopped cilantro (to up the yumminess factor).


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