Nothing Is More Revealing Than Movement

-Martha Graham

Shanyn’s one-on-one sessions are amazing.
If I didn’t know how hard she has worked and trained to do what she does, I’d swear she was a magician.

Toddie Downs

One-to-One Private Sessions:

This is where the fun begins! I am absolutely passionate about helping women return to wholeness in both body and mind in a holistic heart-centered way.

Your sessions are structured just for you. There is no one-size-fits-all programming here, and you don’t need to worry about choosing between movement or mindfulness because it’s all combined. However, when we begin our work together we will have created a goal that you decide on which will help lead us down your individualized pathway. Whether that’s releasing physical discomfort, working on body longevity, releasing stress and stuck emotions, rebuilding your core postnatal, or something else, we’ll discover what’s most important to you and begin our work there.

I consider each client a unique snowflake and build your program as such to give you what you specifically need.

Prior to beginning our work together, we’ll start with a movement/posture assessment and body/mind discovery session which takes approximately 2-3-hours.

This is where I begin to learn all about you. Your body history, movement patterns, self-care routines, and where we discuss your body/mind goals.

Most clients work with me once a week to start as this work is cumulative and ongoing practice must be a part of the process.

My end goal is to help you feel great in your body, teach you tools and techniques you can use for a lifetime, and change the way you view your body, mind, brain, and nervous system.

I want you to be able to love and luxuriate in the body you inhabit, and help change your mindset on aging, movement, and self-love so you may enjoy your life to the fullest!

While we will always get more done when we work in chunks with regular weekly sessions. Some days, we just want to gift ourselves some peace and relaxation. For those occasions, I offer single sessions of Somatic Relaxation and Restoration or Energy tune-ups.

Somatic Relax and Restore: This single session offers 75-minutes of bliss and release. Techniques could include- soft somatic movement, breathwork, SSR, visualizations, body rolling, and more. A wonderful way to help regulate your nervous system and offer your body-mind some love (gift certificates are available).

Qigong Energy Tune-up: Done either in person or long-distance. This energy work session (40-minutes) helps offer the body physical and emotional balance.

I can’t wait to get started!! How about you?! I offer a free 20-minute zoom session to chat and see if we’re a good match.

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