Movement Coaching:

The most common question I get is, “What’s a movement coach? Is that like a personal trainer?”

While yes, I am a certified personal trainer. What I do is unlike anything you’ll find in a gym setting. We’ll work together to achieve more than just giving you six-pack abs or bigger biceps.

I’ll help you build an aware and empowered relationship with your body and nervous system. One that is pain-free, strong, durable, and can take any stressors you throw at it without blinking an eye.

I want you to feel great in your skin. For your muscles and fascia to slide and glide with ease and your daily movements to feel, well… easy. We’ll spend time getting to know your nervous system, and I’ll teach you techniques to relax your mind and keep it healthy and resilient.

These sessions can involve everything from strength and conditioning training, balance work, gait functionality, mobility training, life coaching, breath work, daily movement pattern change, flexibility, myofascial release techniques, meditation, Tapping, pure relaxation, etc….

I structure your sessions completely unique for you individually.

Some come to me with specific goals in mind such as converting to barefoot/ minimalist shoes or to help rebuild their core strength after pregnancy. Others are looking to move their body better in the garden, or feel younger and more vibrant in their movement ability. While still others are looking to soothe and relax their nervous system.

Whatever your need, within this fluid design my goal is to help you create a holistic feeling of clarity, stability, and unrestricted movement within.


Full 2-3 hour Movement Assessment  

This is the place to start.

This is a single session where we’ll spend 3-hours and go through a full movement assessment to see what your body can do and what it needs help with. We’ll also have a detailed conversation about you, your injury history, and what you’d like to do (feel) in the future.

This session is a must before any private sessions can be scheduled.

The information I glean from that assessment is how I build your bespoke program. Created completely for you and your specific needs.

Please feel free to email me if you have questions or would like to set up your assessment.


Movement Assessment Session with one follow-up session: $287

Movement Assessment with 3 follow-up sessions: $397


After initial package: individual sessions are $125 each (75 minutes)


Package of 5 sessions: $500

Want to book? Let’s pick a day and time!


The MOVEMENT MAVEN Program is a complete 27-hour program done in 13 sessions.

It’s essentially the same as above, except it’s created to be fully immersive. We’ll plan to meet once or twice a week and each session will be two-hours long. The Movement Maven package brings the sessions down dramatically in price.

The first session will be a 3-hour movement analysis and discussion of what you are hoping to achieve. Then we’ll begin the individually tailored work of changing the way your body moves and feels with subsequent sessions.

This work is for any activity level; advanced movers or even those who’ve never been big movers in their life. We’ll take it from wherever you are and move accordingly.

While two-hours seems like a long time, it passes in the blink of an eye as we look at different movement and breathing patterns in your life and we revisit exercises making sure form is great and full understanding is happening. We go at your pace, whether that’s fast-paced rabbit or slower-stride turtle. I’m here to help guide you to your finest movement potential.

This program includes:

  •  3- hour movement assessment.
  • 12 sessions (2-hours each) in the studio with me.
  • All necessary equipment for home movement practice -therapy balls, foot wedges, foam half-dome, Theraband, etc…
  • A completely individualized program that may include strength and conditioning training, balance work, gait functionality, mobility training, daily-life movement pattern change, flexibility, myofascial release techniques, breath work, tapping (EFT), Core restoration, body rolling, meditation, etc… It all depends on your needs.
  • Personalized videos of exercises
  • Complimentary pass to one of my in-studio workshops (must be used within a year of program start)
  • Email access for life
  • Total cost: $1997


Strategic Life Coaching or Tapping Sessions (not a workout):

This kind of appointment does not involve a fitness aspect. While I include this type of coaching in my regular coaching practices up above, this session is for someone who needs a little more time with just the Life Coaching or Tapping portion.

If you’re wondering what the difference is between a Life Coach and a Psychologist or Therapist… The easiest, most simplistic answer is to say that when you are completely overwhelmed with life and feel you have nowhere to turn, you would seek the help of a professional therapist. A life coach comes into play when you have a goal you’d like to make, but need help to get there, or perhaps you have a pattern you’d like to change in your life. I’m here to help you break it down into small, achievable pieces and show you how to get there step by step.

Tapping (also called EFT -Emotional Freedom Technique) is a wonderful way to reduce tension and worry, move through negative emotions and help get you quickly and easily back into a relaxed mind. It involves tapping on acupressure points to release the energy built up by those small daily frustrations and can be highly effective. I’ve been using and teaching it for 15 years. I’m excited to share this amazing technique with you.

Each session runs 75 minutes

Not sure if what you need help with is within my scope of practice? Just ask. I’m more than happy to answer your questions. Email me:


Whole Dancer Program- for Young Dancers and Athletes:

I work regularly with dancers and athletes ages 7-18 years on building strength, flexibility, and mobility. This kind of work is imperative to keep them injury-free and progressing. I offer special pricing for children because I know how much money you already spend on dance and sports and I’m a parent too. I get it.

Because of this special pricing, I take only a limited amount of young dancers and athletes each year. Email me to see if I have availability for your student.


Studio Cancellation Policy:

I understand that you have a busy life, and can’t always know ahead of time when a child may wake up sick at the last minute or a work emergency calls you into the office. Likewise, I’m a one person studio. I do not have subs that can jump in and teach a session or class for me if the unexpected happens. So, I’m of the mind that I do not charge for cancellations, even last minute ones. I do ask, out of respect for my time that you let me know as soon as you can so I’m not waiting around. And I hope you understand if I ever need to re-schedule a session or cancel a class for similar reasons. I would never do it lightly. But, I’m a realist, so of course, there will be times.   😉