Nothing Is More Revealing Than Movement

-Martha Graham

Shanyn’s one-on-one sessions are amazing.
If I didn’t know how hard she has worked and trained to do what she does, I’d swear she was a magician.

Toddie Downs


Your sessions are structured just for you. There is no one-size-fits-all programming here. I consider each client a unique snowflake and build your program as such.

Prior to beginning our work together we’ll start with a movement assessment which takes approximately 3-hours.

This session is where I begin to learn all about you. What movements your body can do and what it needs help with, your injury history, and what you’d like to do (feel) in the future.

My end goal is to change the way you view your body and your bodily connection to mind, brain, and nervous system.

I want you to love the body you live in, while moving with ease, vibrancy, and youthfulness at any age.





In my very first session I learned much that I will use the rest of my life.
It was so fantastic that I cried in relief... who doesn’t love a good relief?

Karina Christensen

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