Inspired Learning in a Cozy Space

Small in-studio classes mean great community and lots of individual attention to form and posture. A warm friendly space with big windows will make your movement practice pure joy.

A different kind of Barre class

With a focus on bringing awareness to breath, movement, and form, you’ll gain balance, power, and range of motion you didn’t know you wanted or needed. But trust me, you do.

Unlike other fitness classes, where you can become very good at the exercises in the class, my goal is to instead make you very good at movement in your own body.  You can then take that internal understanding and utilize it in your daily life; getting out of the car, gardening, lifting heavy objects, etc…

*This class is pelvic floor and diastasis recti safe.

These classes are currently being taught online through Zoom on Mondays and Thursdays at 9:30am (pacific time).

Class time runs 75-minutes.

A single barre class weekly is $45 for the month and includes both an option to join in the live class as well as receive the class in a private video link for that week.

Or you may purchase an All Class Monthly Pass for $85 per month. This purchase gives you two live barre classes per week and videos of both of those classes. To spice this up, I’m also including Zumba and Qigong in this pass, so you can do 4-classes a week with me!

Spring Forest Qigong Group Classes

Qigong has been called one of the most powerful healing techniques the world has ever known. It brings your mind, body, and heart energy together to achieve balance and healing through simple but powerful movements and quiet meditation.

I am a level 3 practitioner/healer and certified group practice leader of Spring Forest Qigong.

This class is currently taught online through ZOOM.

Cost is $45 per month and includes one live class/week, plus the video of that class is sent for further practice during the week or in case you couldn’t attend the live class due to other obligations.

Live Class is on Friday mornings at 9:30am -pacific time

Class is 1-hour long and includes Qigong movement for self-healing as well as meditation and breathwork. A perfect combo to help de-stress both mind and body during these challenging times.

Hypopressive classes for prolapse, incontinence, and core strength

A format involving breathing and postural techniques to decrease intra-abdominal pressure in the core and help your body learn to manage this pressure better to prevent/heal the onset of pelvic floor dysfunction.

This class runs in 5-week sessions.

Email me to find out when the next session begins. Cost is $125 for the entire session.

All classes are currently being run via Zoom and are 1-hour long.


Zumba is about feeling joy, dancing, and letting it all go in a safe environment.

Jump on in for some fabulous world music and get your body moving! Your brain just can’t help but feel great when you’re dancing and your smile will prove it!

Tuesdays at 12pm for live ZOOM class.

A monthly pass is $25