Choc Full O’ Health Smoothie

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Looking for a morning get-up-and-go smoothie or an afternoon pick-me-up? Look no further. This is pure satisfaction, yumminess and health in a glass. I created this as a way to get more greens into my children. It tastes purely of chocolate, despite the spinach and has a satisfying thickness that make it like a milkshake- without the sugar. It’s become a favorite of mine and my children. I hope you enjoy it too!


cell phone photos3 frozen bananas (pre-chopped before freezing)

3 or 4 frozen strawberries

Fill blender almost to the top with raw spinach

Toss in a handful of raw almonds or a large spoonful of nut butter

2 TBSP of Raw Cacao powder or baking cocoa

Pour an inch or so of coconut milk into mixture.

Blend until smooth.


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