Charity Event 2019


Shake your Rama Lama Lama

(A GREASE inspired Zumba Experience)

Coming your way on Saturday, Oct 5th !!

Event Page and Tickets HERE

Each year I create a huge Zumba event for the community that involves costumes, lights, amazing instructors, and more! The proceeds are donated to one of my favorite charitable organizations for foster children and underprivileged youth in the local area, F-factor.

This event is like no Zumbathon you’ve ever seen! We go all out to make this an experience you’ll look forward to and plan your calendar around every year. 

As this event is dedicated to raising money for children, our theme is always along those lines. We’ve done Candyland, Alice In Wonderland, Dr. Seuss, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and more!

Don’t be shy. Even if you’ve never taken a Zumba class before and have no idea what you’re getting into… Come give it a try! Lights are off because the DJ lights are strobing: so no one can see you anyway.  😉

Enjoy music and dance rhythms from around the world; Salsa, Bollywood, Soca, Merengue, and more.

Enjoy the video below from our Candyland event!



Photos from previous year’s events.