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Finding a Bit of Balance

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Here we are again. The start of a new month– but this time, also a new season.

The bumbles have wandered out of their winter nesting places (love those cute furry little things), and the hummingbirds have come back to our garden. Even the bears are out and about in our neighborhood. Spring has sprung!

It’s time to get the outside gardens in shape for the summer and maybe even take a look at your own inner garden and make some new goals.

My mind and body are very connected to the seasons, and spring is the perfect time to shake the cobwebs out of my mind. I weed things out that don’t belong, and of course, plant new seeds that haven’t existed in my garden before and see if they grow.

Total wellness must be rounded out. Too heavy in one area or too light in another throws off the balance and leaves us unfulfilled or wanting.

If I imagine myself as a perfect circle, I can check in and see if I feel lacking in any particular area. This is a simple and visual technique to check-in with yourself and see how things are going..

Label each triangle with a number from 0-10. Zero representing the least amount of satisfaction and 10 being the most satisfied. You might be surprised looking at your numbers when you are done.

Then take your lowest numbers and put a little more time and effort into bringing them back into alignment with the rest.

I know life is busy. But making the effort towards balance is worth it. I am a better mother, wife and me when my numbers line up. It’s a tricky balance to keep, and many days aren’t perfect, but I keep striving.


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