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Quick Summer Snack

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 Quick Summer Snack

This is less of a recipe and more of a how-to. But it’s a delightful, quick and easy to make treat either way!!

I love cherries and can’t wait till they come into season. Because I stick to a low sugar diet most of the year, this is a rare treat for me that I truly savor when I eat it. It also make a great snack for the kiddos and packs up into a camp lunch wonderfully.

Cherries help to decrease inflammation as well, so keep this in mind for a post workout snack. Plus, you get the added benefits of the protein in the yogurt and the Omega 3’s of the flax seed.

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It’s so simple: three ingredients!

Yogurt~ I use plain unsweetened (but you could sub with a honey yogurt instead). I find plain yogurt is usually an acquired taste for a lot of people.

Add fresh (or frozen) cherries.

Liberally sprinkle ground flax seeds over the whole thing. -To keep the photo pretty I didn’t use as much as I normally would use, but you get the idea.



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