Movement Is The Song Of The Body

-Vanda Scarapelli

Build A New Relationship With Your Body

Whether you’re looking for help with movement issues,  reducing stress, physical discomfort, or perhaps hoping to grow your toolbox in self-development and mindfulness techniques to build compassion and love for yourself- it all begins the same way.

By making the distinction that we are not working on your body-mind, but instead are working with her. I’ll teach you to draw your awareness inward and help you find your natural inner body wisdom.

When you harness the incredible power of mindfulness and holistic movement, something wonderful happens. You’re able to rebalance, rewire, and recharge your entire system so you can grow beautifully from the inside out.


Hover over or touch the boxes below for a sneak peak into some of the ways I might be able to help you.

Learn to see your body as a whole. Shift external to internal awareness and find a gateway into self-connection.

Movement and Ageless Living

I teach classes and offer private sessions helping women re-connect with their body and their movement so they can remain strong, vital, and youthful for the ages. You should be able to move with ease for the entirety of your life on this planet. I will show you how.

Self-Compassion and Heart-Centered Living

Raising your own vibrational energy signature, curating unconditional love for yourself, and learning how to live from your heart will create a magic in your life that you just can't imagine.

Physical Discomfort


Chronic physical pain can be created by muscle imbalance, chronic muscle tension, the way you breathe, stress, stuck emotions in your tissue, or more likely, a combination of many of those things. We'll look at all of the pieces to get you back to enjoying life in your body again.

Stress & Emotional Release

I'll help you bring softness and balance to both mind and body so you can move through the world with greater joy and ease. You will gain new tools for your toolbox that will offer not only respite and restoration for your nervous system, but will also grow your resilience to a much greater capacity.

When I walked into Shanyn’s studio a feeling of joy and peace met me. I felt completely comfortable and listened to. Within one session she had my very hard worked body come back to much needed relaxation and alignment.

Shanyn touched my soul with her passion for helping humans move with ease and I for one have been almost flying in my body since I took her ways to heart, body, and mind.
My practice in all areas will benefit hugely.

Karina Christensen